“I've been working with Nina for YEARS and she has always been such a great "go-to." She is always eager to cover our bands and provide her support, and I couldn't ask for a better press partner. She always provides us with great coverage of our artists through​ and through.​” - Amy Sciarretto, Atom Splitter PR   

“It has been a privilege being able to work with Nina McCarthy. She has been interviewing my artists for quite some time and is always very professional and dependable. Her reviews are always well thought out and written. It is obvious that she is passionate about the work she does for not only the established artist but also the up and comers who need the exposure. Her commitment and dedication to her work and the artists she covers is a great service to our industry” - Shauna O’Donnell, O’Donnell Media Group   

“As a music journalist, you won't find anyone more professional that brings the passion that Nina does to an artist or band and the scene. She is well respected for all that she does for everyone she is in contact with to help promote and bring attention to the world of Rock.” - Seth Kahaian, Seth's Rock Report   

"Nina has been an awesome asset to the New England music scene, not only for her continued work with promoting, interviewing & even booking bands but also as a legitimate music fan, basically going & supporting almost 90% of all shows, even the ones she didn't book! All around great person too." - Opus,  AKA Christian Lawrence, Dead By Wednesday   

“I've worked in radio for many years and trust me, if Nina was the manager at a radio station/record label/music magazine/promo company, I would love to have her as my boss. Nina is thorough and fair, understanding but not a doormat. She knows what she is doing, she loves doing it, and her passion shows. Nina has been a staple in New England’s music scene for years. From local to national bands, she covers it all and helps spread the love of music through multiple media channels. She always brings positive energy and a smile to my face, while being an absolute pleasure to work with.” - J.D. Rich, On-Air Radio Personality/Former Co-worker  

“Timely, damn professional, knows her stuff and lives for the scene!” - Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, Inverter (Vocals)   

"Nina is a total pro inside and out. She’s very knowledgeable in all things music and a pleasure to do business with." - Bill Nychay, Sons ON Fire (Drummer)