Nina ("Ny-nah") McCarthy has a 25 year history of booking, managing local bands, promoting, and music journalism as a freelancer and the former owner of BB Entertainment.  Nina previously had a rewarding career as an EMT, Medical Billing Specialist, and Medical Assistant, but her own medical issues left her unable to perform her duties, so she decided to concentrate on her other love, MUSIC!  From 2015-2022, Nina worked for a streaming radio station, concentrating on journalism, interviewing national bands, and reviewing albums and concerts.  She held the positions of Senior Music Journalist, Digital Content Editor, Artist Recruiter, and Co-host before resigning in April of 2022 to return to her independent roots.  Nina has always been a very dedicated supporter of local and national artists and is a familiar face at concerts and local shows throughout New England and beyond. Nina can be reached at steelthornentertainment@gmail.com.